2 months after contamination, the mother of a sick child testifies to her fight

Health authorities have established a link between the consumption of certain Buitoni pizzas and contamination with E.coli bacteria. The mother of an infected 8-year-old girl testifies on BFMTV.

In the case of Buitoni frozen pizzas, the complaints continue to flow two months after a product recall campaign. Me Richard Legrand, lawyer for the families of victims, confirmed this Friday on RMC the filing of seven new complaints with civil action.

On BFMTV this morning, Elodie, whose daughter Lily, 9, was contaminated by a pizza from the brand in March, returned to the situation of her child and the management of her case by Buitoni. First, she traces:

“I bought a Buitoni pizza on March 23, 2022. My daughter ate it, and after everything went on. She had severe abdominal pain, then she had very strong diarrhea. therefore took her to the emergency room where the doctor immediately did some tests.

Two months later, the fight continues

Very quickly, the doctors detect the presence of the E.coli bacteria in Lily’s body. If they first bet on an evacuation by itself of the virus, a week to fifteen days later, the situation of the little girl worsens.

“The symptoms got worse with blood in the stool, fever, headache, and still abdominal pain.”

Today, Elodie’s daily life is mainly punctuated by the strict exams that her daughter must follow. “We monitor. Each time she is in pain, we take her to see doctors, we make her do all the exams. We follow the protocol we are asked to follow to evacuate the disease”.

Indeed, Lily is still under treatment, with ups and downs.

“She was prescribed more antibiotics because there is still blood. She also has low blood pressure, and she has moments of weakness. Doctors continue to monitor her to be sure that the bacteria does not spread. “

Buitoni’s management singled out

What makes Lily’s mom bitter is the company’s handling of her daughter’s case. Indeed, she explains that she had to call the toll-free number several times before finally being taken seriously.

“I called about seven times. Each time they say that we will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours without fail, but we are never contacted again. By repeating my calls I ended up falling on someone who took my problem seriously”.

Officials contacted him twice to hear from his daughter and then nothing, except a voucher for 20 euros as compensation. “It is not a voucher that we expect as a parent”, still regrets the mother of the family today.

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