25 days of coma for a young Beauvaisienne aged only 9 months


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On February 13, the family consumes the pizza purchased at the Auchan shopping center in Beauvais. The following days, the mother of the family as well as her two youngest daughters aged 9 and 22 months are victims of symptoms.

On February 18, Inaïa is admitted to the emergency room from Beauvais hospital before being transferred to Amiens. In critical condition, the girl must be placed in an artificial coma on February 20. She woke up three weeks later and returned home on April 4.

On April 7, a complaint is filed by the family at the Beauvais police station. The family is now awaiting a response from the courts, hoping that Inaïa will not suffer from

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Inaïa is not yet old enough to speak. Not even to stammer a few words. However, there is no doubt that she would have things to say. His questioning gaze bears witness to his experience. The figures relating to it send shivers down your spine. At only 9 months old, the little Beauvaisienne already has 47 days of hospitalization consecutive including 25 immersed in an artificial coma.

“As I breastfeed her, I tell myself that she could have been infected in this way”

His wrong? Having ingested one of these famous Fraich’up pizzas from the Buitoni brand, suspected of having been contaminated with E.Coli bacteria. His mother is however formal. ”
I never gave him pizza to eat. At her age, she does not eat solids. As I breastfeed her, I tell myself that she could have been infected in this way
“, suggests Gwenaëlle Caron. Since then, questions have been swirling around in the mind of the young mother without providing concrete answers.

The link with Buitoni pizza confirmed by “Public Health France”

The only certainty is that the two strains of the bacteria found in Inaïa’s blood tests are indeed those attributed to Buitoni pizza. “Public Health France” makes no secret of it in a letter sent to the family on April 6. ”
The bacterium at the origin of his infection has the same characteristics (…) Your child is indeed one of the grouped cases for which we have identified a link with the consumption of Fraich’Up pizza from the Buitoni brand. »

Their second 22-month-old daughter also hospitalized

A confirmation that hardly surprises the family of the victim. Gwenaëlle Caron also remembers this evening of February 13 very well. ”
I had bought the pizza at the end of January at Auchanshe insists, brandishing the receipt; that day, I was babysitting a friend’s daughters and took the easy way out
“, she regrets. In the days that followed, the first symptoms appeared in several members of the family.

The mother feels woozy, but it is above all the state of health of Inaïa and her big sister, Naëlya, 22 months, that worries her. If the latter gets away with relatively few sequelae and a one-week stay in Beauvais hospital, this is not the case for the youngest. ”
I went to the emergency room for a gastro and there they tell me that she has a Shu (Hemolytic-uremic syndrome) and that it must be transferred to Amiens
“, recalls with horror Gwenaëlle Caron.

After being admitted to the Beauvais emergency room, Inaïa had to be placed in an artificial coma at the Amiens hospital center.
After being admitted to the Beauvais emergency room, Inaïa had to be placed in an artificial coma at the Amiens hospital center.

The nightmare has only just begun for the family. ”
In acute critical condition
“, the girl must be placed in an artificial coma and must undergo three operations for the installation of a peritoneal drain. But the days pass without bringing any improvement. ”
We thought we lost her several times
“says Mohamed Kehy, Inaïa’s dad. Until a miracle happened after three weeks of inactivity. ”
She finally peed and was able to be woken up.
“, continues the father of the family.

A urinary bag and weekly appointments with the physiotherapist

A short-lived relief for the girl’s relatives who now have to live with the threat of future sequelae. ”
Her kidneys were severely attacked and she will have to be followed for life for that. In addition, it is unknown if she will have neurological damage.
“, sobs his mother whose daily life has been turned upside down. From now on, the little girl must live with a urinary bag and go twice a week to a physiotherapist, not to mention the weekly blood tests.

Something to outrage his parents who are now demanding justice and filed a complaint on April 7. ”
We would like them to recognize their wrongs and understand how we almost lost our daughter for a simple pizza.
“claims Gwenaëlle Caron. A complaint common to many families which seems to have been heard by the authorities. After the preliminary investigation started on March 22, an investigating judge was appointed this Thursday, May 12 to shed light on this file.

Hauts-de-France at the top of the regions affected by the contamination

Should we see a link between the company in Caudry (North) and the influx of cases identified in Hauts-de-France? This is what the authorities suggest, who quickly pointed to the production site where the pizzas in the Fraich’Up range are made. On April 13, a search was carried out on site and inspections reported “
the presence of rodents
and neglected maintenance that may explain the presence of pathogenic bacteria. Still, the census of “Public Health France” places the Hauts-de-France region at the top of the areas most affected by contamination on a national scale. Of the 56 cases, linked to the consumption of pizzas, 12 concern inhabitants of the region. On a general level, all have a similar profile, children aged 1 to 17 years with a median age of 6 years. This places Inaïa among the youngest victims identified.


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