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New technology from the Israeli company Addon Optics. The company has developed a device the size of a toaster oven or a small 3D printer capable of creating a multifocal lens in six minutes at a fraction of the previous cost.

Addon’s innovation can turn “a bespoke product into a pre-made product,” says company CEO Amir Erlichman.

How it works.

An optician inserts two sheets of plastic into the Addon unit. One is a standard single vision lens. The other is a very thin and flexible lens that adds multifocal capabilities and sits on the back of the single vision lens. There are 24 different combinations with quarter-diopter increments.

Lens materials provided by Addon are coated with anti-reflective and anti-scratch material. This is another change from the standard modus operandi, where the coating is only added after the lens is generated.

Although Addon already has hundreds of trial customers and US Food and Drug Administration approval, the first Addon devices are expected to arrive in US eyewear retailers and labs later this year.

The company will also offer its product in Israel, Germany and Australia before expanding further.

Addon Optics, which employs around 20 people, will soon move to a larger facility in Netanya. The company raised $12 million from AP Partners in January, adding to the $8 million previously raised.

Erlichman launched Addon in 2016 with Haim Engler (the two have been friends since their computing days in the IDF) and Professor Yoel Arieli, who heads the electro-optical engineering department at the Lev Academic Center – Jerusalem Higher School of Technology.

Arieli and Engler came up with the idea and then contacted Erlichman, who has years of experience as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. (He sold live expert advice platform Kasamba to LivePerson in 2007 for $9 million in cash and $31 million in stock.)

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