A beta of Plex adds native support for Mac M1 (Apple Silicon)

Plex offers a beta version of its Media Server that natively supports M1 (Apple Silicon) chips. Until now, the multimedia system worked thanks to Rosetta 2.

Plex support for M1 Macs

Rosetta 2 is Apple’s system for running applications originally designed for Intel Macs on M1 Macs. It usually works fine, but it’s not at a native application level. It’s normal after all. So it’s always nice to see an app updating to support newer Macs for better optimization and lower power consumption (which is especially important on MacBooks).

Now, Plex offers a universal version of its application, that is, it supports both Intel Macs and models with an M1 chip. “You should see an improvement in transcoding speeds”, say the developers. They recognize that the change should not be significant compared to the previous version with Rosetta 2. “However, since the code is now native, it should be more stable and more efficient on the CPU”they add.

The Plex beta is available here. There is not yet a date for the availability of the final version. Also, it is good to note that the automatic update does not work with this version. But this is only a limitation during the beta phase.

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