Accused of homophobia for a very specific reason, Caroline settles her accounts with Axel!

All pairs of Married at first sight unfortunately did not flash for each other… The proof, Axel and Caroline did not fall in love during this sixth season currently being broadcast on M6!

A lack of attraction and a different diet (Caroline being Vegan and Axel not) which also pushed the young bride to put an end to the experience when she returned home from the first days of the honeymoon…

A rejection that earned Caroline a wave of hatred from some of the viewers… While the main interested party defended herself by explaining that the editing was misleading and that the production knowingly made her pass for “the bad guy” of the program.

“Madame feels her buttocks grow wings”

While Caroline regularly expresses herself via her Instagram account to criticize the production, this time the young woman pushed a rant against her ex-husband Axel, or rather against his entourage.

And for good reason, according to her, Mathieu, a friend of Axel, would have done everything so that she did not participate in Gay Pride 2022 when she wanted to be the godmother… The man would have even mentioned the affair of the chocolate drink to justify his act… An evocation which made the main interested party jump: “Clearly, since I do not tolerate (this brand of cocoa), I do not tolerate homosexuality. It’s very logical.” she said via her Instagram story.

Statements to which Axel immediately responded : “So we are there? To exist, you have to smash others? Well, for me, we understood, but towards my family, we will calm down, “ he says in a story on Instagram. “Madame feels her buttocks grow wings, because she will be on the front of the stage, a stage on which tolerance is required […] If you could move on rather than looking for the buzz with me and my entourage […] STP a little maturity. It didn’t work, we don’t have the same light. The positive is that we are not neighbours”he wrote…

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Lisa Ziane

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