After the Wachoswki film, Speed ​​Racer becomes an Apple series

A big project led by JJ Abrams who will be executive producer.

Tatsuo Yoshida’s manga will be entitled to a new adaptation. Speed ​​Racer is being produced for the Apple TV+ streaming platform, with JJ Abrams serving as executive producer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the creator of Lost will oversee this big-budget series co-written with Hiram Martinez (Snowpiercer, Get Shorty), who will be the showrunner. There “exciting sight” by Martinez would have impressed Apple, Bad Robot and Warner Bros and convinced the studios to go for it. Ron Fitzgerald (Westworld) will serve as the other co-writer and showrunner.

Not much is known about this television adaptation of Speed ​​Racerbut it’s been in the pipeline for years in Hollywood and the series has slowly progressed through its development phase, notes THR, which explains that the writers embarked on a process described as ” excruciatingly slow “.

If the original comic is from 1966, Speed ​​Racer is best known for being the project of the Wachowski post-Matrixin 2008. A huge critical flop and in the wake of the box office (less than $100 million in revenue), even if over the years, this Speed ​​Racer worn by Emile Hirsch has been widely rehabilitated by fans.



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