Amazing, breathtaking in the Elitloppet

The French crack Étonnant won the Elitloppet 2022 this Sunday, the biggest race in the world on the trotting sprint. Richard Westerink’s protege thus joins his father, the legend Timoko, on the list.

©Travronden-Lars Jakobsson

What an exceptional feat. amazing put in an exceptional performance to win the biggest trotting event of the year in Sweden. A feat in three acts: first of all a qualification obtained although on four feet and after a course on the side of the peloton. The second act is in the final when at full speed the French champion (without his irons this time) is at fault a few meters. We fear that all is lost. But impossible is not amazing. The winner of the Critérium de Vitesse de la Côte d’Azur 2022 finds the right pace and then moves up a gear. The effort is as superb as it is spectacular and amazing fell behind his adversaries to finally dispose of them with great authority.

The victory is historic since he is the first trotter in history to join his father in the Elitloppet prize list. Timoko, amazing, Richard Westerink, legends at Solvalla who brought with them Anthony Barrier, the champion’s accomplice, whose understanding is matched only by the absolute trust they have for each other. It was the first time that Anthony Barrier led at Solvalla, here he is winner of the Elitloppet. Again, an exceptional feat.


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