“An angel named Eyael”: Justine Cordule (large families) reveals that she has lost a baby

Justine Cordule had the great pleasure of welcoming seven children with her husband Steeve, the youngest of whom showed up quite recently, last March. But the candidate of Large families, life in XXL don’t forget that her little Lyson should have been her eighth wonder. Indeed, through an Instagram post shared this Sunday, May 29, 2022, Mother’s Day, she revealed that she had lost a baby in the past.

Today, I tell you a little more, while still keeping a secret part for the moment. My 7 wonders: Timeo, Tom, Cloe, Toan, Lilac-Rose, Lubin and Lyson. But an angel bearing Eyael’s name watch over us. For 8 years now!“, we learn in the caption of a photo of all his children. “I tell you very often that I will tell you about it soon but for the moment, even if it’s been 8 years, I don’t know how to tell you about it while keeping a secret part. And at the same time, I want to talk to you about it so that other Mamanges can also confide in this subject… People who have not lived cannot know“, she continued, obviously not yet ready to reveal the underside of the death of her baby.

These few words were nevertheless enough for Justine Cordule to obtain the compassion of Internet users. In comments, the mother of the family has indeed received a wave of love which has surely consoled her heart damaged by this disappearance.

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