an Apple supplier would lose a huge contract because of this mistake

If you regularly follow the news about Apple, you probably already know which companies supply iPhone screens to the Cuperino firm. There are the Korean Samsung Display and LG, but also the Chinese BOE.

Unfortunately, according to an article published recently by the media The Elec, BOE could lose a very large contract, corresponding to the production of 30 million OLED panels for the iPhone 14, due to an error made on the iPhone 13 series.

According to The Elec’s explanations, BOE was caught modifying the circuit width of the thin-film transistors on the OLED panels it manufactured for the iPhone 13. This modification would have been made without the green light from Apple, with the probable aim of increasing yields.

For this reason, the Chinese company has still not received Apple’s approval to start production of the screens for the iPhone 14 series, the release of which is normally scheduled for September. BOE is said to have already sent representatives to Cupertino to explain itself, and to have formally requested the green light from Apple to start production of screens for the iPhone 14 series, but without response.

It would now be likely that Apple would entrust the production of 30 million iPhone 14 screens that should have been produced by BOE to its other suppliers: Samsung Display and LG. Production of the screens for the iPhone 14 series would normally begin next month.

Of course, this is still information to be considered with caution, given that it does not come from an official source. But in any case, the loss of this large order from Apple would be a blow for BOE, knowing that this company would have already seen its production drop, due to a shortage of components which concerns a chip necessary for the screen.

iPhone 14: what’s new for the new series?

Although Apple tries to keep its plans secret before the official presentation, many rumors are already circulating about the next iPhones. Apple is rumored to be done with the “mini” models. Thus, instead of offering an iPhone 14 mini with a small screen, the Cupertino company would have developed an iPhone 14 Max which will have the same characteristics as the iPhone 14, but with a larger screen.

Otherwise, it is mainly on the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max that we will have new features. First of all, when it comes to design, these two Pro models wouldn’t have a notch. Instead, there would be a pill and bubble for the front camera.

On the back, Apple would also equip these two Pro models with a 48-megapixel main sensor. And the Cupertino company would also plan to increase the RAM memory.

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