Apple agrees to pay $14.8 million to end iCloud storage class action lawsuit

In the United States, people who subscribed to an iCloud+ subscription between September 16, 2015 and January 31, 2016 may receive a small amount of money. This is the consequence of a class action that Apple wanted to get rid of, reports CNet.

The complaint concerns iCloud+ offers. Apple uses servers from third-party providers to supply the storage of its services, in particular Amazon Web Services. Problem, part of the clientele felt aggrieved not to have been informed. The lack of precision indeed suggested that Apple had the resources to ensure the technical infrastructure of its service.

Apple would thus have been content resell cloud storage space on cloud facilities of other entities “. According to the complaint, disgruntled customers said they wouldn’t have paid if they had known beforehand that this storage was not Apple’s property. Or that they would have expected fares to be lower.

The prices offered by Apple have hardly changed over time: 0.99 euros for 50 GB, 2.99 euros for 200 GB and 9.99 euros for 2 TB.

The company has, however, agreed to pay to end this class action. There is therefore no condemnation: it is an amicable settlement. The amount disbursed will be $14.8 million.

Any resident of the United States with a valid mailing address and having had an active subscription between the dates mentioned above could make themselves known in the last few days, today marking the limit. The amount will also depend on the type of subscription chosen at the time.

Now, the sum might not exceed… a few dollars. According to CNBC, Apple had 170 million paying customers for its iCloud+ offer at the start of 2018. With several million people in the United States, there will soon be little left of the $14.8 million.


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