Apple Car, will it be released? (ORLM-443)

It’s the weekend, time to… redo the Mac!

If you don’t know them yet, Olivier Frigara and his troupe come back every week on the great moments of Apple newswith exceptional guests in We Redo The Mac. Mac4Ever is a partner of the showwhich we therefore broadcast every weekend and in which we now participate regularly.

What could the Apple Car look like? And if she was already there! Its name, Canoo, a car with record habitability and range expected by the end of the year. A brand that is in great financial difficulty and that Apple could take control of. So info or intox? Beyond that, where is the Titan project? Are we heading towards a 100% autonomous vehicle or the emergence of a super CarPlay, or even a CarOS? Debates!

All the favorites under the video!

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