Apple could buy Electronic Arts


by David

The world of video games is in the sights of‘Apple for several years. The Cupertino company could buy the famous video game publisher Electronic Arts.

As a reminder, Electronic Arts is the studio behind the titles Star Wars, The Sims, Need for Speed ​​and many more.

According to media reports, the video game publisher is looking for a merger or a buyer. The studio would be targeted by the leaders of the firm of Tim Cook.

According to the media, the teams of Electronic Arts would be in full discussion with those of the Apple. disney and Amazon would also be interested.

Note that EA is located a few kilometers from Apple’s headquarters. Some say that its leaders would seek a merger and would not want to sell the firm, so that the current boss, Andrew Wilson, remains at the head of the new entity.

It is quite normal that Electronic Arts is in the sights of Apple. In recent years, the American giant is interested in the world of video games and the acquisition of EA could be beneficial and profitable.

Since 2019, launch date ofArcade, Apple has shown interest in video games. For the moment, his service does not manage to attract a lot of players and retain them, but the takeover could change the situation.

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