Apple expands with major new premises in Ireland

After having already welcomed 400 additional employees there last year, Apple is once again specifying its location in the city of Cork with one more building. The local newspaper The Irish Times reports that the firm’s campus will soon see the emergence of new walls for 1,300 employees, the project whose cost remains unknown and should complete its construction in 2025.

With a height of four floors, the address will replace a former car park and will be connected to the already existing offices. Everything will work thanks to 100% renewable energythus confirming the ambitions of Apple, which wishes to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. It will also be possible to recharge electric vehicles on site.

A valued investment in the region

Apple is installed at cork for more than forty years, but even this building permit will have to be validated by the municipal authorities. The date for the laying of the first stone is therefore not yet scheduled, but everything leads us to believe that the negotiations are on the right track. Indeed, Cathy Kearney, Apple executive in charge of European issues, herself praised the potential of this future development in the press.

Several officials have also highlighted the advantages of the project, including no less than the Taoiseach Micheál Martin (equivalent to our Prime Minister) and the Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, who supports it. IDA Ireland, the agency responsible for attracting investment to the island, was also pleased to see Apple spend more to sustain its economic activities on the spot. In five years, 250 million euros have been injected into it.

Telework still in effect

To date, however, Apple teams only have to come to work at least two days a week in the office. The rest of the time, it is possible to connect from home or a coworking space. Recently, this limit was set to be increased to three days but the resumption of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States convinced Cupertino management to backtrack.

Apple is also recruiting in France, with specialized technician or sales positions in its stores. – Official App

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