Apple expects iPhone sales to stagnate in 2022

Tim Cook’s group remains pessimistic for this year again, in a still uncertain health context and a continuing shortage of chips.

The path to a real recovery still does not seem to be relevant for the smartphone market. This is at least the opinion of Apple, which would maintain its iPhone production at levels equivalent to 2021, as reported by Bloomberg. The group had however rebounded well in recent years, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 being among the best-selling smartphones in the world.

The results for the first quarter of 2022 were also encouraging. The Californian group then announced that it had reached a new record in terms of turnover, of 97.3 billion dollars, an increase of 9% compared to Q1 2021. It was mainly boosted by the iPhones, which have weighed in at 52% in revenues.

If Apple has experienced a good evolution at the start of the year, the global smartphone market is not following the same trend. The Canalys Institute had revealed a drop in sales of 11% in the first quarter, all manufacturers combined.

A strategy blocked by a sluggish market

The economic and health context is firmly tarnishing this picture. The COVID-19 pandemic is still active and is causing regular blockages and closures of factories in China. However, it is precisely in the heart of the Middle Empire that the Apple brand produces its iPhone. This is without taking into account the shortage that is hitting the semiconductor sector and which should not be absorbed for at least two years according to the forecasts of specialists. Added to this was the war between Russia and Ukraine. So many elements that could still contract the market for the rest of the year.

Apple would therefore have revised its forecasts and would have ordered 220 million iPhones according to Bloomberg, a quantity similar to that of 2021. However, the next iPhones should benefit from major changes, some of which have been expected for years.

For example, according to forecasts issued by analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the Pro versions could finally see the mythical notch disappear. The Mini model should be replaced by a Max, with a diagonal similar to the iPhone Pro Max, but with technical characteristics similar to the basic variant, especially in terms of display and photography.

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