Apple lowers its iPhone sales projections for 2022

According to Bloomberg, Apple reportedly asked its suppliers to produce about 220 million iPhones this year. However, analysts and market projections were counting more on 240 million. To put it another way: Apple does not expect to sell more smartphones than it did in 2021.

A reasonable decision when you take a look at the state of the market today. Inflation is breaking records, the Covid-19 pandemic is picking up again in China and forcing factories to shut down, and the drastic increase in the price of oil and gas is turning consumers away from technological products.

It also appears that the iPhone 14 Max, one of the new models expected this fall, could be launched later than the rest of the range. In addition, and by virtue of the situation, Apple has already warned its shareholders that the amount of sales made this quarter could be affected by the order of 4 to 8 billion dollars.

Note that Apple is far from being the first to be affected by the crisis. Xiaomi, the world’s third-largest smartphone seller, reported lower revenue for the first time in its history in the last fiscal quarter.

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