Apple Maps adds speed limits and detailed maps in France

Apple Maps is improving in France with the addition of speed limits and more detailed maps, especially at building level. It is however good to specify that it is for the moment a test.

The new maps arrive in Apple Maps in France

As can be seen in the image above, the monuments and buildings are much better detailed. We no longer have generic buildings, Apple Plans adapts to stick as closely as possible to reality. Note, however, that some places still have the old interface. To see if Apple will do the necessary in the coming weeks or months.

Apple Maps France Enhanced Maps Mont Saint-Michel

Apple Maps France Improved Maps Notre-Dame

Apple Maps France Enhanced Maps Paris

Apple Maps France Enhanced Maps Sacre-Coeur

There is also the addition of speed limits. A panel is displayed to the right of the prompts to follow to get to their destination. This feature already exists with the competition, so it’s surprising that Apple has taken its time to make it available. But here it is finally.

Apple Plans France Speed ​​Limit

Via iGen

Improvements for Apple Maps maps have started in France, but also in Monaco and New Zealand. And as Justin O’Beirne notes, Apple’s average testing time for new cards is 47 days. We can therefore expect everyone to be able to enjoy it by mid-July.

The latest regions to benefit from the improved maps are Germany and Singapore. France and New Zealand are next on the list.

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