Apple Maps: speed limits and 2.0 maps are available in France

Apple Maps is one of the best mapping applications found in the Apple ecosystem, however it is true that the app is somewhat behind Google Maps. Apple is doing everything to speed up the development of Plans by adding various novelties and improving the maps. Today, France receives a gigantic update!

A “renewal” for France on Apple Maps

Good news for the French, but also the millions of tourists who visit our beautiful country each year. Apple just launched a important update in its Maps application, the evolution takes place mainly at the level of the maps, the Californian giant has perfected some details in 3D buildings. We find an Eiffel Tower with a more detailed structure or the Mont Saint-Michel which is no longer represented as a simple peninsula where there is nothing on it.

Here is a small comparison by the site which shows us the differences between the old and the new card. We note that for Mont Saint-Michel, it is an impressive change (which was very urgent).

apple improvement plans
apple improvement plans 1
apple improvement plans 2
improvement apple plans 4

Apple has also thought of motorists in France, the Apple Maps application now includes speed limits on all roads in France, this concerns both small national roads in remote places and busy motorways.
When you launch a route with Apple Maps, you will have the usual display (with the additional details) accompanied by a traffic sign to tell you the speed you should not exceed. This addition will have taken a lot of time, especially since almost all competing applications have been offering this feature for years!

Monaco and New Zealand also receive this update

monaco and the New Zealand support France in this new major update for Apple Maps cartography. Both countries also receive more detailed maps with more precise buildings, but also speed limits. In the case of Monaco, the work for Apple had to be quick, because as the principality of Monaco is exclusively urban, the speed limit is 50 km/h everywhere.

Note that we are currently on a test phasewhich means that Apple can remove developments as well as add them, the final deployment of this update should arrive in the coming weeks or months.

Just 2 months ago, Apple announced a similar improvement in Canada, the Californian giant also promised better precision in buildings to offer an ever more dazzling user experience!

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