Apple, Oxfam, Tinder… The 5 campaigns of the week (May 23-27, 2022)

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On the menu of the 5 campaigns this week: Tinder defends the LGBTQI+ cause, Oxfam denounces the carbon footprint of billionaires in a “cow” mockumentary and Jaguar encourages superethanol.

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Tinder fights against discrimination against LGBTI +

Committed to the fight against LGBTphobia, Tinder is launching an information campaign within its dating app to address the health issues of the LGBTQI + community and provide resources to fight discrimination. From May 24 to August 31, 2022, users of Tinder France, aged 18 to 25, will see several “Swipe Cards” appear in the application, which will redirect them to information made available by the Checkpoint Paris health center from SOS group. Tinder members in the Île-de-France region will also be directed to the Checkpoint Paris Instagram page where they will be encouraged to visit the health centre.

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