Apple Store manager dissuades employees from unionizing

Deirdre O’Brien, the Apple Store manager, shared a video with employees to do everything so that they are not tempted to unionize, reports Bloomberg. Some American shops have already started doing it, hence the desire that it does not grow.

Apple wants to limit the unionization of employees in stores

In the video sent to employees, Deirdre O’Brien states that “you have the right to unionize and you also have the right not to unionize”. She adds that if employees are faced with the decision to join a union, she invites them to “consult a wide range of people and sources to make sure you understand what it might mean to work at Apple under a collective bargaining agreement”. She also thinks that the relationship between Apple and its employees in the stores could be negatively affected if the latter were represented by a union.

We have a relationship based on open, collaborative and direct engagement, which I believe could fundamentally change if a store is represented by a union under a collective agreement. And I worry about what it would mean to put another organization in the middle of our relationship. An organization that does not have a deep understanding of Apple or our business, and most importantly, an organization that I believe does not share our commitment to you.

She explained that implementing wage increases, bonuses and other new benefits could take longer in a union situation, referring to the bonuses given to retail employees during the pandemic. A union could limit Apple’s ability to implement “immediate and widespread changes” and could “to make it more difficult for [Apple] to act quickly to resolve the problems” raised by employees.

To date, Apple Stores in the states of Washington and Maryland, as well as in the cities of New York and Atlanta have decided to unionize. Employees want higher pay, more vacation time, better retirement options and other benefits.

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