Apple Store: Vélizy 2 will change its look in 2023

Regular customers of the Apple Store in Vélizy 2 in the Paris region will discover a new store in 2023. No change of address but a “remodel” in the jargon, ie an adaptation of the decoration and layout of the store to the current canons.

The Vélizy 2 Apple Store in its current form
The Apple Store at Main Hall in Portland with a more contemporary style

Of the 20 Apple Stores in France, 12 are still in their original condition, with aluminum predominating. These are shopping center stores, which cannot claim the charm of beautiful stone like in Bordeaux, Lille or certain stores in Paris. The renovation of Vélizy 2 is scheduled to take place during the first two months of 2023.

For the past few days, Apple has been updating the visuals on its Apple Store pages (here Val d’Europe). Many still show the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 on their walls…

No details on the changes that will be made. However, in view of the achievements of recent years in other places, we can hope to see the installation of wooden shelves, the use of more important ceiling lighting on the surface and the removal of the metal facades. All this contributing to give a brighter space.


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