Apple TV +: monster communication for the documentary “Prehistoric Planet”

We have rarely seen such a deployment of communication from Apple for an Apple TV + program, in this case prehistoric planet. The homepage of the manufacturer’s American site is privatized by the event, the window of the Apple Store on the Champs Elysées has been covered with stickers of life-size dinos, and of course the Apple TV+ app is going all out.

The Apple Store on the Champs Elysees. Image (possibly taken with a 1st generation iPhone SE): Apple.

It must be said that this dinodocu has something to attract the crowds. It indeed combines a documentary-like production with cutting-edge technologies to bring these incredible creatures back to life (without using their DNA 😅). Visual effects were done by MPC, who did the photorealistic work on the live-action films The Lion King and The jungle Book.

It is moreover Jon Favreau, director of these two films, who produced prehistoric planet with the help of BBC. In original version, it is the unsinkable David Attenborough who comments on these 5 episodes which will be delivered each evening this week. The first part, “Les côtes”, is visible for free.


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