Apple wants to expand its campus in Ireland and hire up to 1,300 new employees

Two good news from the side of the Apple campus located in the city of Cork in Ireland. In addition to the construction of a huge new building, a significant number of new employees could land once the work is completed.

The Apple Cork will expand and welcome even more people

Apple has not finished expanding throughout the world and beyond the growing number of customers, the internal side is also very important. On the United States side, Apple Park is obviously the most famous campus in the world, in addition to being the headquarters of the American giant.

At the European level, it is the Cork campus (Ireland) which has the emblematic side. As a reminder, the site celebrated its 40th anniversary at the end of 2020 and saw its number of employees increase from 60 to more than 6,000 over the decades.

apple cork 1980 steve jobs 1

The Apple Cork in 1980

A number which should increase in the years to come because as announced by Apple today, the construction of a new building is imminent. A building intended for office workers and which would have the capacity to accommodate up to 1,300 additional employees. An ambitious project that should be completed by 2025.

Always with the aim of respecting the codes of ecology, Apple promises that green spaces will be present en masse and that the building will only operate with 100% renewable energy. The presence of solar panels on all structures, including outdoor walkways, is the perfect example. Over the past five years, Apple has injected more than $270 million into the expansion of its Irish campus.


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