Apple Watch and Pride bands should be here soon

Like every year since 2016, Apple should soon launch a Pride/Fierté range for the Apple Watch. In connection with the international day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia (it was May 17) and in reference to the colors of the LGBTQ+ flag.

Both Pride 2021 bracelets, only the one on the right is still in stock

There could be a novelty this year with a special model of the Apple Watch and not just a variation of bracelets in the colors of the rainbow. It’s that suggests Mark Gurman in a tweet. He speaks of a new Pride version of the Apple Watch at the imminent launch while the new wristbands would start arriving by the end of this week. Apple Stores are getting the promotional materials, he adds.

Memorial bands are common, less so for an Apple Watch. The closest example is that of the Apple Watch Black Unity, of which we have already had two versions since January 2021. But the differences with a classic Apple Watch are minimal, the new one is discreetly screen-printed for the event.

In all likelihood, this year we will have an Apple Watch with a Pride reference, one or more coordinated bracelets and possibly a new dial. In the current collection, only the Braided Single Loop bracelet remains on sale, which could well give way.

Pride 2021 Wristband Preview d

Preview of Apple’s 2021 Pride Wristbands

Like every year, Apple launches new Pride Edition bracelets

Like every year, Apple launches new Pride Edition bracelets


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