Apple’s AR/VR headset with 14 cameras?

Lately, rumors have indicated that the mixed reality headset ofApple would be at 90% of its development. Today, we learn that the accessory could embark 14 camerasaccording to Wayne Ma of the site The Information.

The analyst indicates that Apple would have encountered several difficulties during the development of the AR/VR headset. The engineers have multiplied their efforts to meet the deadlines. Today, everything suggests that the project is finally coming to an end. Some say the device will be available in late 2022.

According to the words of Wayne Ma, the AR / VR headset would be able to ” track the user’s face to accentuate the realism of the virtual avatar and make it as faithful as possible to facial expressions and mouth movements. This is why the teams of the firm of Tim Cook would have equipped the helmet with 14 cameras.

Integrating 14 cameras into the device is no small feat. Apple engineers took a long time to accomplish this mission. The media The Information adds that Tim Cook has brought in Jony Ive, Apple’s former design chief, as an outside consultant.

Normally, the AR/VR headset should be available in 2023. But Apple could take advantage of the last keynote of the current year to present it to us…

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