Arnaud Ducret married to Claire Francisci: magical castle and VIP guests in Provence

As a reminder, the lovers got married for the first time last summer. On this big day, they were surrounded by their families. After the official ceremony in front of the mayor, everyone had gathered in an establishment of Mont Saint-Michel, for a reception and then a dinner. On the menu, semi-cooked duck foie gras, duo of lamb, pineapple carpaccio… all washed down with Côtes-de-Gascogne, Morgon, Taittinger champagne. A real feast!

Before meeting Claire, Arnaud Ducret was married to Maurine Nicot, met on the set of the star Academy in 2002 who is the mother of her 9-year-old son, Oscar. For her part, the pretty blonde is the mother of triplets Léo, Florian and Angélique (fruits of a previous relationship). So, is a new baby imminent for the couple after this second marriage? Not sure. “We already have ours. We are self-sufficient. We don’t need it to seal our couple, we’re fine like this“, they explained in an interview with the magazine Gala. who knows, maybe they changed their minds?

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