Azaguié: The Fonsti makes students aware of science, technology and innovation

Le Fonsti spoke with the students and teaching staff of Azaguié. (DR)

As part of its activities to promote culture and innovation, the Fund for Science, Technology and Innovation (Fonsti) dropped off at the Azaguié modern high school on May 18, 2022. objective, to encourage students to take a greater interest in science, technology and innovation. According to the leaders of this structure, Côte d’Ivoire needs scientists and innovators for its development. To achieve this goal, the Fonsti considered it important to teach young learners about the impact of science in the development of a country. This, in order to make the actions to promote the culture of science and innovation sustainable.

The students explained their concerns. (DR)

Science responds to specific problems of society

In this vein, this state structure has explained to students in the second, first and final classes the role of science, technology and innovation which is to respond to the specific problems of society.

Yoro Blé Marcel, Full Professor in Anthropology and Marie N’Bengue Alphonsine, Full Professor in Bacteriology Virology at Félix Houphouët-Boigny University, showed the impact of the culture of science and innovation on society and results of scientific research.

An opportunity for Professor Marie N’Bengue Alphonsine to encourage young inventors and innovators to present their innovative and original research projects. So that the structure headed by the Secretary General, Dr. Sangaré Yaya, accompanies them.

As a reminder, the Fonsti started this awareness campaign at the classic high school of Cocody, on Wednesday April 27, 2022.

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