BTS will have their own show on Apple Music 1

The k-pop group BTS, which is a hit around the world, will have the right to its own show on Apple Music 1, namely the radio of the music streaming service. It will be launched on May 28, i.e. tomorrow, at 3 p.m. (French time).

A BTS broadcast on Apple Music 1

The show on Apple Music 1 is called BTS Radio: Past & Present. There will be three episodes (one per week). The band will take listeners on their quest for stardom while sharing the stories and songs that shaped them. The group is known for hit songs such as Dynamite and Butter.

“We wanted to use this radio show to celebrate BTS’s nine years with you and our army around the world”said RM of BTS consisting of seven members, including J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook, V, Jin and Jimin. “Each episode is dedicated to you. And we wanted to share BTS songs that help us tell our story.”added RM.

In the first episode, BTS explains the group’s beginnings along with the songs that inspired their sound and style. In the second episode, which will air on June 3, the group will choose some of the favorite songs of the BTS army, namely the group’s fans. The last episode will be available on June 10.

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