Buitoni Pizza scandal: a 9-month-old baby from Beauvais plunged into a coma

While she did not eat Buitoni pizza, Inaïa, 9 months, was transported to the hospital in Beauvais (Oise), then Amiens (Somme), after signs of “big gastro”. (©Family)

47 days of hospitalization and 25 days in a coma. Here is the summary of nightmare experienced by Inaïa, his parents Gwenaëlle and Mohamed, and his family. Now 12 months old, the little girl has known two hospitals, avoided being transferred to a third, undergone dialysis and several operations…

What happened ?

Sunday February 13 was a terrible day. After receiving the children of a friend all day, Gwenaëlle Caron, Inaïa’s mother, feels a certain fatigue. Having the habit of cooking, this evening, it will be exceptional with pizzas from the brand Buitoni that are in the freezer. Purchased at Auchan, three weeks before, the pizzas are part of the range Fresh’Up.

At 9 months, Inaïa does not eat pizza that evening. Yet five days later, the little girl is seized with vomiting and severe diarrhoea. “A big gastro” imagine the parents. It was around 10 a.m. that the little girl was finally taken to the hospital in Beauvais (Oise). Once in the hospital center, the doctors suspect “blood in the stool”, says his mother.

Emergency transfer to Amiens

It was by analyzing the symptoms and samples in depth that the medical team discovered the bacterium Escherichia coli, better known as E. coli, which is commonly found in the digestive tract of human beings and which can cause food poisoning.

While hospitalized in the same room as her sister Naëlya, 2 years old, also contaminated, a doctor informed Gwenaëlle and Mohamed of the severity of poisoning and announces the transfer of Inaïa to the hospital in Amiens, in the Somme.

The little one is suffering from a hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS)the leading cause of acute kidney failure in children under three years of age.

I didn’t understand what was going on, I was going to the hospital for gastro

Gwenaelle Caronmother of little girl

Arrival in Amiens, Inaïa has a first convulsion. In the aftermath, she is plunged into an artificial coma and will remain there from February 21 to March 16, almost a month. Mohamed, storekeeper in the Renault group in Tillé (Oise) “had to take a work stoppage for more than two months”.

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Inaïa hospitalized after being contaminated by a Fraich'Up pizza from Buitoni
Inaïa hospitalized after being contaminated by a Fraich’Up pizza from Buitoni (©Family)

“We then want to scream, we are afraid, confides Gwenaëlle Caron, I have not slept for four or five days”. At 9 months, Inaïa went to the block three times and underwent dialysis, “the most difficult thing is to see the blood”, adds her mother.

Lifelong consequences?

“We don’t know yet if she will have any sequelae, we are seeing the neurologist again at the end of the year”, tells the couple to News Oisewhile Inaïa must take a blood test every month, accompanied by a “heavy” treatment.

His kidneys stopped working ” long time “. The little girl’s parents know that their daughter “will be monitored throughout her life”.

Tubed, Inaïa was hospitalized in Amiens after being contaminated with E. coli bacteria.
Intubated, Inaïa was hospitalized in Amiens after being contaminated with E. coli bacteria. (©Family)

Called on February 26 by Public Health FranceGwenaëlle and Mohamed learn that the bacterium does indeed come from Buitoni pizza, eaten mid-February. “We feel responsible”, admits the couple, “I feel betrayed”, adds Gwenaëlle, who expects, at the very least, an apology from the brand. Still, the baby didn’t touch the pizza. The contact between her and her mother is privileged. The bacteria could have been transmitted from skin to skin, by the hands or during breastfeeding, breast milk is not in question.

The family filed a complaint

The family filed a complaint on April 7 against Buitoni. Gwenaëlle and Mohamed assure him, they will “never” buy pizzas again.

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