CAF: the payment of 330 euros that you all forget to claim, the French concerned

While the state’s public debt is high, some of it does not even reach taxpayers’ pockets. For good reason, billions slumber in the coffers of the CAF each year. Indeed, many recipients of social assistance do not come to claim what is their right. This is the case of this aid of €330 which is very little requested. This is the RSA.

As a reminder, the RSA is the Active Solidarity Income. Basically, it is a sum of money that the State pays to the unemployed and to the most modest households as a minimum income. As a result, the RSA is one of the best-known aids in France. Paradoxically, it is also the least requested social aid. In fact, you might even qualify, but miss out.

Social assistance claim rates

Experts have looked into the matter and the results are striking. According to a study carried out by specialists from the website, more than a third (37%) of recipients of housing assistance do not use it. Of course, that’s an average. In some territories, the rate may be higher or lower.

In any case, the figures revealed that it is the regions where housing is very expensive that aid is most in demand. On the other hand, in places like Creuse or Cantal, more than half of the beneficiaries do not claim it. What about students?

As surprising as it may seem, 72% of them do not have recourse to any specific help. This can be explained by several factors. The fact is that many, while studying at the University, still live with their parents. These generally need less aid than students who live alone.

The RSA, the least requested CAF aid?

As for the RSA, the subject of the article, it is the most surprising. The rate of non-recourse reaches an average of 35%. If looking at the average is not very revealing, analyzing the rate by region is interesting.

Take the case of Vendée and Haute-Savoie. The two French departments have a non-recourse rate well over 70%. Why such a high rate? Are people ashamed to resort to this state aid specifically? Or do they just don’t need it? Maybe a bit of both.

Indeed, in France, the RSA is worth €330 per month. If the sum is not negligible, it is not huge either. The Drees or Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics conducted an investigation. Thus, approximately 600,000 households can benefit from the Active Solidarity Income offered by the CAF.

10 billion euros remain in the coffers

France uses the most generous social model in the world. Despite this, many French people still live in precariousness. Meanwhile, people are refusing the aid given by CAF. The consequence is that 10 billion euros per year of social assistance remain in the coffers because of non-recourse. A colossal sum.

Who are they ? Why do people refuse to claim money that is offered to them without consideration? You could be part of it. You should know that CAF aid can cover a wide range of situations. This is the case of family allowance or housing assistance. In addition, certain social benefits do not depend on the CAF.

One thing is certain, a large part of these 10 billion euros is due to the non-use of two aids. These are the disabled adult allowance or AAH and the disabled child education allowance or AEEH. Like what, on average, the rate of non-use of the AAH is 61% while that of the AEEH is 85%. A rather strange situation considering that these homes are already dealing with disability.

Even though these aids are supposed to be known to everyone, in practice this is not at all true. Many French people are not aware of the aid they can receive. Others are discouraged by administrative procedures. Without forgetting those who refuse on principle. What category do you fit into?

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