Camille Combal dad for the 1st time: his wife Marie finally confirms, discreet announcement

On April 9, Marie Treille Stefani was one of his last appearances on the show Indeed on France 2 for which she is a columnist. And for good reason, the beautiful journalist was preparing to go on maternity leave, revealing that her delivery was “imminent”! A few weeks later, she therefore had the great pleasure of welcoming her first child with her husband Camille Combal. And it is with the discretion that we know them that the couple began to pamper this little being who has filled them with happiness ever since. But on May 29, 2022, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the news was finally made official by the young mother.

It is through a publication in tribute to her mother that Marie Treille Stefani shared the good news. “Happy Birthday Mom. Becoming a mother made me understand how absolute this role is. A whirlwind that overturns everything. The most beautiful of miracles“, can we read in the caption of a photo of her mother and her. Unfortunately for the most curious, the beautiful brunette did not specify when she had given birth, nor the sex and first name of the baby. Fathers maybe?

Between Camille Combal and his beautiful Marie it is therefore a business that rolls. The lovers got married in 2019 in the South of France before starting their family. And it was at the end of 2021 that the young woman’s pregnancy was announced, through a simple little sentence slipped into the pages of the JDD on the occasion of a portrait dedicated to her husband. Marie Treille Stefani could then only confirm this happy event to come on the air by displaying her pretty rounded belly. On the other hand, it was not necessary to count on extensive confidences on the part of the spouses, who do everything to preserve their privacy as much as possible. For example, we can only count on the fingers of the hand their appearances in public or on social networks. “We have a very simple life. I get yelled at I don’t wipe the table or if I don’t take out the trash cans“, he was content to admit about their daily life for TVMagazine in January 2022.

In addition, no question for the couple to find themselves working together one day. “Everyone evolves on their own. My parents were restaurateurs, they worked all their life together, believe me, it’s not at all to be repeated. The fights at home continued at the restaurant and vice versa“, he explained in the pages of We both last March.

Congratulations to the new parents!

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