Camille Combal dad: his wife Marie has already found the line, photo of her superb silhouette!

It’s a new life for three for Camille Combal, his beautiful Marie Treille Stefani and their little baby. Indeed, the young woman gave birth to their first child, in the greatest secrecy. Indeed, if she presented her last column in Well & Well (France 2) on April 9, it was not until Sunday May 29, 2022 on the occasion of Mother’s Day that she announced that the baby had pointed the tip of her nose. That same day, Marie Treille Stefani displayed a rare photo of her, silhouette already found !

This Mother’s Day, the couple celebrated it in the company of friends, during a superb wedding where other personalities were also invited. Among them, the beautiful Géraldine Nakache. In story on Instagram, she shared a few moments of this moment of love. Also, she has published pretty photos of the moms around her, starting with hers. “You are the most beautiful“, she writes in the caption of each shot of a mother to whom she pays tribute this day. In the middle of these images, Internet users discover the pretty Marie Treille Stefani. The beauty poses in a colorful dress in pink tones , green, blue, a brown suede perfecto on the shoulders. In guest attire, the lover of Camille Combal caused a sensation… and displayed a dream body shortly after the birth of her baby. She really is the more beautiful !

The sex, first name and date of birth of the couple’s baby have not been revealed. Camille Combal and Marie Treille Stefani play the mystery card. It was only with a few words, in the caption of a photo of her and her dear mother, that the beauty revealed that she had given birth. “Happy Birthday Mom. Becoming a mother made me understand how absolute this role is. A whirlwind that overturns everything. The most beautiful of miracles“, can we read. For his part, the host of Mask Singer could not be more discreet on the subject. Not a word about his new role as dad, or even about the birth of his baby.

All our congratulations to the happy parents !

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