Delphine Jubillar hidden in Spain? The surprising discovery of the investigators

Failing to be elucidated, the Delphine Jubillar affair has its share of twists and turns and some are confusing. Disappeared on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020, the Cagnac-les-Mines nurse was in divorce proceedings with her husband Cédric. The latter was remanded in custody after six months of investigation, the justice considering having enough elements to keep him behind bars while the work of the investigators continues. Proclaiming his innocence, he argued that his wife could be in Spain, supporting the thesis of a voluntary departure. A woman of this name had also been discovered in the neighboring country of France…

One of Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers, Maître Jean-Baptiste Alary, confided in the columns of Current wife in July 2021. He argued in particular that his client’s wife had been able to go abroad voluntarily, supporting the words of the painter-plasterer during his hearings with the gendarmes, who described her as having resigned from the home since confinement of March 2020. The lawyer thus stated: “Albi is a two-hour drive from Spain, and they didn’t even ask for the toll videos. She could have gone to Spain willingly or by force..” The track of a voluntary departure well and truly studied by the authorities who totally dismissed her after confirming that there was indeed a Delphine Jubillar in Spain, but that it was a homonymy.

Why the fact that the 33-year-old could leave her family on her own didn’t last in the minds of justice? Dominique Alzeari, at the time public prosecutor of Toulouse, had evacuated the thesis of voluntary departure during a press conference held on June 18, 2021: “It is a worrying disappearance, which cannot be considered voluntary. (…) It is not normal for a mother of two children to disappear in the middle of the night in a small village (…) She is a person who is going to leave, if we believe what we is said, with a phone without a charger, without her purse, her glasses or her vehicle keys.“For the prosecution, which also relies on the psychiatric expertise of suspect number 1, the motive of the ideal culprit is clear: he could not overcome the fact of seeing his wife, his great childhood sweetheart, escape him and be ready to start a new life with someone else.

Cédric Jubillar remains presumed innocent of the charges against him until the final judgment of this case.

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