Domino’s Pizza – Innovation and quality at the heart of recipes

The health crisis has profoundly changed consumer habits, forcing restaurateurs to focus on take-out and home delivery. It is still necessary to guarantee the ability to quickly deliver quality and well-presented hot meals. With a concept based on delivery, Domino’s Pizza is the leader in its field.

1 million is the number of recipe possibilities offered by personalization at Domino’s Pizza, there really is something for everyone! Established for more than 30 years in France, the brand now has 453 points of sale in France, 95% of which are franchised. The leading brand of pizzas delivered in France owes its success to its business expertise, the passion of its teams and its ability to innovate. Focus on a growing network with Andrew Bradley President of Domino’s Pizza France.

In your opinion, where does the success of Domino’s Pizza come from?

There are many criteria that come into play. But first, I would talk about our pizza doughs, which are guaranteed fresh, never frozen, and hand-worked by our teams in store as in traditional pizzerias.

Then there is all the work on the quality and supply of our products. We favor French ingredients such as AOP cheeses, fresh cream, honey or flour, and our wish is to be transparent with our customers. All of the nutritional qualities of our products are displayed on our site and we are working on setting up the Nutri Score within a few months.

And then there is above all our delivery expertise for more than 30 years in France. We carry out 100% of our deliveries, because delivery is Domino’s DNA.

At Domino’s, there’s something for everyone! Personalizing your pizza already offers more than 1 million possibilities. Tell us about your new range: Signature pizzas

After the Made in France honor in October 2020, the commitment to the Better Chicken Commitment in December 2020 and the continuous expansion of our range of vegan ingredients and recipes since 2018, we continue to follow the trends of consumers and to listen to their needs by relaunching the Signatures range in September with 4 new recipes. They have been imagined in partnership with a Chef, and are made from refined and original ingredients at Domino’s Pizza that will satisfy all gourmets.

The launch of this range is a real challenge. With recipes made from carefully chosen ingredients such as Mozzarella di Latte di Bufala, the Coppa di Parma PGI or pitted organic Kalamata olives the tastes are more subtle and elaborate.

The seasonings are also completely original for the brand, with in particular the arrival of Kalamata PDO extra virgin olive oil and lime.

The objective is clearly to seduce a new clientele in search of authenticity.

With 23 million pizzas sold in 2020, including 9 million delivered at home, delivery is an integral part of your business model.

We used to say: “Delivering a pizza cannot be improvised !’ and that’s true. While distribution techniques have evolved, our objective has never strayed: to offer our customers the best possible taste experience by delivering a hot and well-presented pizza. Our Quality, Product Development and Purchasing teams work daily to develop products shaped specifically for delivery with the implementation of the best solutions and tools to honor this promise. For example, the quality and quantity of the sauce base are specially calculated so as not to leak during transport, as is the weight of the dough. We have also implemented a bag designed to keep the pizza flat and maintain its temperature out of the oven until the point of delivery.

Another essential point at Domino’s Pizza, all our delivery people are hired and trained in-house. The safety of our employees is our priority, especially for those on the road. We provide them with standardized and therefore quality equipment, adapted to the different seasons so that, whatever the weather, safety is optimal and delivery is done comfortably. This contributes to the well-being of our teams and therefore to the quality of service that we offer to delivery customers.

Innovation is one of your concerns but it is not only culinary, the brand has made numerous commitments in terms of environmental responsibility. Can you tell us more?

For several years, Domino’s has been working with suppliers of electric scooters and bicycles to equip all stores. Today, two-thirds of the network in France is equipped with electricity. This is one of the commitments we have made in terms of responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint, but which also responds to a strong demand from customers and municipalities to reduce noise pollution in urban areas..

Similarly, we are committed to reducing our waste. At Domino’s, there is no overwrapping and our pizza boxes are mainly made of recycled paper. The brand’s objective is to continue working with its suppliers to further reduce paper consumption in the manufacture of pizza boxes.

At the logistics level, all the dough pieces delivered to our stores are placed in reusable bins that return to the warehouse to be cleaned and reused. And since April 2021, the plastic protection that surrounded the delivery carts has been completely replaced by a reusable material. An innovation that allows a significant reduction in CO2 and better recyclability.

The employer brand: opportunities to help employees grow

At Domino’s, we take care to train all of our teams as soon as they arrive. Young, dynamic and passionate, our 7,000 employees are the very essence of our growth. We strongly believe in internal promotion and wish to offer them the opportunity to flourish in our company. For this we have designed a specific training program for Manager employees wishing to become entrepreneurs and create their own Domino’s franchise: Emerging Leaders. This program is built around entrepreneurship in partnership with the CCI of Ile-de-France. Its purpose is to support company managers by offering them modules dedicated to management and business creation. We are very proud of this program which opens the door to great projects within our network.

How do you see the future?

We have opened 21 stores since January 2021, nearly 40 in the last 12 months. Over the next 12 months, we plan to work with our franchisees to significantly increase this number. Today, only 35% of French people can be delivered by Domino’s Pizza so we still have many opportunities to make our product available to as many people as possible. The potential is enormous, and our medium-term objective is to double the number of points of sale.

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