Don’t touch my post: A sick columnist reveals that he was in a “recently” coma

Usually, it is Cyril Hanouna who manages to get his columnists talking about Do not touch My TV. The host indeed always manages to collect anecdotes of all kinds each evening in his program on C8. But recently, Jordan De Luxe took it upon himself to get a member of his team talking, namely Sasha Elbaz. The two spoke for his date At Jordan’sproduced in partnership with Entertainment TV. And the one who swings on his comrades in off revealed suffer from lung disease.

Her name is AAG, severe acute asthma“, specified the young man of 26 years. On the dedicated sites, this disorder is defined as “an unusual seizure with severe bronchial obstruction that may be life-threatening in the short term“. Sasha Elbaz understood that it was necessary to take this disease seriously since she has already led”in the coma” and “in intensive care. “It’s fairly recent. It lasted three days, a week“, he indicated. And to explain the reason:I have sort of very big asthma attacks that can be linked either to allergies like many asthmatics, or to stress, or to a virus that you can catch. And so there are respiratory complications that occur“. Significant and sometimes serious crises which do not seem to taint his optimism or his ability to make people laugh. And moreover, Sasha assures him, today, “Everything is going well“.

Remember that he joined the team of Do not touch My TV at the start of the 2019 school year. He was chosen to intervene each evening at the start of the program with the chronicle The editorial’s informant. Its mission is to bring together the unaired moments of the program, which often prove to be very embarrassing for the rest of the columnists. A funny parenthesis which is reminiscent of the one proposed by Jean-Luc Lemoine, on 4/3, at the time of his good services from 2011 to 2018. Sasha Elbaz has in any case managed to be appreciated very quickly by the fanzouzes of Cyril Hanouna and now appears essential to TPMP.

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