Emmanuelle Béart mom: the actress posts photos of her 3 beautiful children!

A César for best actress, a Legion of Honor, millions of box office admissions… certainly all of this should make Emmanuelle Béart very happy, but there is no doubt that her greatest pride is also personal. Mom of three, the now 58-year-old star was able to prove it on Mother’s Day.

On her Instagram account, Sunday May 29, the actress posted three photos of her children: Nelly (born in April 1992 from her story with Daniel Auteuil), Yohann (born in 1996 from her relationship with David Moreau) and Surifel (born in 2009, adopted with her ex-husband Michaël Cohen). “Happy Mother’s Day to all of us. #happymothersday“, she soberly commented in the caption of her publication. We imagine that the star of Manon of the sources, who has been seen in recent days on various occasions as part of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, was inundated with the love of her children for this special day. The actress probably sees her offspring a little less since they were grown up, but on the other hand spends her time with her husband, Frédéric Chaudier, married in 2018.

Emmanuelle Béart, who is currently showing at the cinema du film Passengers of the night, has already had the opportunity to speak on her mother’s cap. Interviewed last year by the magazine SHEthe star said she was relieved to have three children “hyper bright, hyper serious, hyper not like (her)“. And the daughter of the late Guy Béart to add: “My terror was having the children of actors, well, according to the stereotype, spoiled and lazy rotten kids. Well, they are huge hard workers and that’s my immense pride. Which I share with their fathers, of course. For me, fathers are sacred!“Despite his sentimental failures, the star claims to have shared his life only with”good men, wise men“, she said this time in the pages of Paris Match in 2021. Pleasant words for his former companions and fathers of his children who prove that despite the breakup, it is sometimes possible to keep a good relationship!

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