Epic Games attacks Apple again on the App Store!

Even if it is no longer as media as it was in its infancy, the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games continues. Thus, last March, Apple filed a brief with the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, its opponents having done the same last January. Indeed, the two firms chose to appeal the initial decision, neither being satisfied with the overall result favorable to the developer.

According to the procedural schedule, it was therefore the developer’s turn to file his submissions, claiming that Apple deliberately misled the court, but the judge was also wrong in his interpretation of the bargain. He argues that Cupertino violated the Sherman Act (fundamental law on free trade and competition) by denying him access to the App Store. He tackles in passing the firm which would boast of the security of the Mac, but which does not have the same protections as iOS.

In the process, Tim Sweeney split a small interview in the FinancialTimes, accusing the App Store of forcing developers to downgrade their apps. Unsurprisingly, he reiterates all of his criticisms, insisting on the anti-competitive and monopolistic character of the Cupertino company. For the epic CEO, forcing customers to use the app store is totally unfair. The problem would be totally related to Apple’s ecosystem:

You start by buying equipment. Apple makes smartphones and they profit from their smartphones – and they are worth it. But then they force all their smartphone buyers to use their app store exclusively to get digital content. They prevent all other app stores from competing with them on hardware owned by a billion users.

According to Sweeney, Apple is using a totally deserved advantage (hardware) to gain an unfair advantage over competitors and other markets and thus vitiate the game of competition! As a reminder, it all started on August 13, 2020 when Epic Games decided to override the App Store T&Cs to denounce the principle and the amount of commissions, leading to the suspension of Fortnite and its developer account.

Epic Games attacks at;  new Apple on the App Store!

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