Eurovision 2022. Six countries accused of cheating, their votes canceled

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino allegedly cheated in the second Eurovision semi-final. The European Broadcasting Union has described “irregular voting patterns” in a press release published this Thursday, May 19, 2022, which led the organization not to take into account the votes of these countries during the final, report our colleagues from Parisian.

Not a mere coincidence

These countries would have agreed to establish their rankings. “During the second semi-final, it was observed that four of the juries placed the other five countries in their Top 5, one of the juries placed the same five countries in its Top 6 and that the last ranked four of these country in its Top 4 and the fifth in its Top 7. Four of these six countries have received the maximum score of 12 points at least once”explained the organization of the competition.

After finding that none of these countries appeared in the top 8 of the other 15 juries, they hypothesized cheating rather than coincidence.

Ukraine, big winner of the competition

“Given the unprecedented nature of the irregularity detected in the second semi-final, the EBU, in consultation with the pan-European voting partner and the independent voting controller, has decided, in accordance with the voting instructions for the contest , to exercise its right to suppress the votes”, the organization added. This Saturday, May 14, 2022, Ukraine finally won the final of the competition.

Eurovision 2022. Six countries accused of cheating, their votes canceled

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