Eurovision: six countries accused of cheating

The European Broadcasting Union accused, Thursday, May 19, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Montenegro, Romania and San Marino of having cheated during Eurovision.

A scandal never seen in the history of Eurovision. Six countries have reportedly made a secret deal to claim as many points as possible in the Eurovision semi-final. It was the European Broadcasting Union that accused the six countries through a statement. The contest organizer claimed to have “detected irregularities in the votes of the jury of six countries participating in the second semi-final: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, San Marino.”

Romania denounces the replacement of its votes

Moreover, Romania also denounced a falsification of its votes. According to the country, the maximum vote originally given to Moldova would have gone to Ukraine.

She also regretted that her presenter was not authorized to intervene, live, to communicate the votes of her country. A 2022 edition which has therefore, it seems, not finished making people talk.

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