EVS confirms its revenue forecasts

Despite supply difficulties, the specialist in live video technology has a solid order book and forecasts sales of between 125 and 140 million euros.

In an update of its first quarter activities, EVS confirms its revenue forecasts between 125 and 140 million euros for the current year.

The two main pillars of Liège specialist in live video technology (services to production companies and television studio equipment) indeed posted further revenue growth compared to the first quarter of 2021. The third market pillar, major sporting events, will also generate the results expected in this year rich in material (Winter Olympics, Qatar World Cup, etc.).

125 to 140

millions of euros

EVS confirms its turnover forecasts between 125 and 140 million for the current year.

EVS thus displays a turnover secured at the end of March 2022 amounting to 91 million euros, including 9.2 million for major sporting events. This is 35.2% more compared to 2021.


“In addition to this solid turnover recorded, our order intake also continues the momentum of 2021with growth in confirmed orders of 29% in the first 3 months of the year”, indicates the CFO Veerle De Wit. To this must be added 15.5 million euros of orders to be invoiced in 2023 and beyond (excluding major events), i.e. growth of 5.4%.

For his part, the CEO Serge Van Herck says to himself cautiously optimistic because, he says, “we still face significant challenges in our electronics component supply chain, but so far we have been able to meet this additional challenge.” As for operating expenses, they remain in line with the forecasts provided (increase between 5 and 10%), but inflation is pushing growth up the fork.

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