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The Music Prize in Strasbourg this Monday, May 30, 2022.

Direction Strasbourg this Monday, May 30, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix de la Musique will have to compete against each other. The race will be contested over 3000 meters, and endowed with 50,000€.

In this event, Goya Senora (1) is a competitor who quickly revealed a certain potential around 2000 meters. Placed in particular at Group III level. He then had mixed fortunes and last year seemed to lack a bit of teeth. Judiciously oriented towards long distances, it later proves to be a quality stayer. On Monday it looks logically very competitive. Watchmen (6) is a fairly consistent contender in the effort. It also has the advantage of great maneuverability. Which is a significant asset in such a company. Having already done well at the level that interests us and no longer having to prove its performance, it has, at the start of this event, a lot of arguments to defend. Manx (11) is an admirable competitor as comfortable in jumps as on the flat. And as competitive on fiber as on very soft ground. Equipped with a foolproof outfit, he should enjoy the course of the day. However, he would probably have been better off in the second round than in the first part of this divided handicap. Sadanori (13) is pretty consistent overall and has shown to be good at long distances. On the other hand, even if this quinté is not of a very high level, it usually evolves in lower categories. Therefore, he does not have a preponderant chance in this event. However, he has the right to complete the winning combination of the quartet or quinté.

Geny’s secrets

Jiri Chaloupka: Côté Jardin (2) is still in good shape in training. The distance suits him perfectly but he prefers firmer ground. His jockey will decide which tactic to take based on running speed and other factors.

Francis-Henri Graffard: Ispahan (3) has just returned to success in the provinces recently. He is a defector from British racing that I get to know over the races. I am convinced of her outfit. A little less of its competitiveness in 36.5 of value. It will indeed occur for the first time in a handicap on our soil.

Mikel Delzangles: Never Give Way (4) has just made a good start in the handicaps. It has since remained in good condition. At the end of a good race, I hope to see her behave well once again.

Miss Yvonne Vollmer: Sudan (5) remains competitive at this value but it is necessary to benefit from a good progress to hope to play success. The distance shouldn’t bother him and he won’t have any displacement. Logically, he should be able to actively fight for the top spots.

Andreas Suborics: Diana (7) finished very well in a short distance for her last. She likes long-term routes. However, it has no weight margin. You have to see it for a small place.

Ms. Conny Whitfield: Felisha (8) needed to get back into the swing of things. Ultimately, she should have been fourth had she not been sandwiched. From her origins, I think she should go the distance. However, his task is not easy at this level. She has a small chance for a small place.

Christian Peterschmitt: Jazzmen (9) has recovered well from his last performance; he is ready. Here, his task is more difficult, especially since he is under a 3 kg penalty and will not have a discharge. He will need a lot of luck to take money. As it is not far from the house, I try this test. As for the distance, I don’t think that’s a problem but the verdict is Monday.

Nicholas Guilbert: Salsa Queen (10) is going up in class and I would have preferred her to still be in the second round. That said, the racing conditions are still interesting, as there is a six kilo gap with the top-weight. She will like it on a racetrack like Strasbourg. She has remained very well and I am counting on her.

Sven Schleppi: Fitzcarraldo (12) has had some bad luck down the straight lately, but his run has been good. We approach this commitment with confidence. It is not dependent on the state of the ground and its light weight makes its candidacy interesting.

Ms. Conny Whitfield: Analeon (14) always runs well and has already won on this course. I would have preferred to see him in the second event but, if he has a good run, he has a chance for a place.

Karoly Kerekes: Sharar (15) prefers long distances and is very maneuverable. He likes good to soft ground. It’s his third race of the year and he’s coming in good shape. His task is not easy in this event but I think that, if all goes well, he will take some money.

Benjamin Bossert: Garigliano (16) is really in top form as evidenced by his last victory. This Strasbourg commitment is a logical continuation in its program. Because this race allows us to perform in competition without having to travel a long distance. Now in the first event, his task becomes more complicated. And I would obviously have been more confident in the second test. However, I play the game…

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