Five Pizza Original aims to reach 100 restaurants by the end of 2023

On the occasion of the Franchise Expo 2022 trade show, Tout la Franchise had the opportunity to discuss with Arnaud Fillion, development director of the Five Pizza Original network, who agreed to tell us more about the network’s ambitions.


Pizza revisited with an original and unique concept

Exceptional pizzas for exceptional results

How’s it going ?

It’s not bad, it’s fine, even! We had a good start to the show, with perhaps a little less attendance than the last edition in September. But we say to ourselves that in the end, it may be better to have fewer candidates, but candidates with a real development objective for a better conversion rate.

What is your concept and what are its advantages compared to the competition?

Five Pizza Original, as its name suggests, is a concept developed in the pizza sector with a strong objective for us, which is to offer a quality product with a relatively attractive access price, since our medium pizzas are from 5 € and mostly at €5.90, and the large ones at €9 or €10.50. So we really differentiate ourselves from the competition by this quality / quantity / price ratio, and also by the possibility of consuming on site in a young, modern and dynamic universe.

How are you managing post-Covid business recovery?

We can speak like all brands of post covid activity, however, in our sector, we have only had a small loss of activity. We have rather noticed a transfer of activity from on-site to delivery, and there it seems that it is being rebalanced, that is to say that all the customers who, during the covid period, ordered there a year ago through Deliveroo aggregators, Uber Eat, tend to return to outlets.

What are your development prospects and ambitions?

Our development prospects have been clearly announced from the beginning: we are about fifteen to twenty openings per year, and today we are at 40 restaurants. So we should reach around sixty restaurants open by the end of 2022, and the ultimate objective that we have set ourselves since the start of our development at the end of 2018 is to reach 100 restaurants by the end of 2023, and we put all the actions in place, in any case, to keep our commitments and our objectives.

Learn more about the development of Five Pizza Original.

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