Focus on cloud technology and security control via phone

System failures often generate frustration and fear among victims. They reflect the vulnerability of cloud technology and its security system. What can be done to remedy this today?

Failures, attacks or failures of the security system justify the choice of a completely secure cloud technology. Apart from strengthening the system, building the capacity of employees to act remotely based on alerts is considered useful. In alarming situations, the ability to act quickly and appropriately is vital. To meet this demand, mobile technology has developed exciting features available on the phone. These cloud-based technologies that work remotely deserve some attention.

Cloud technology and security alerts

The smartphone allows staff to receive alert notifications in real time and to react according to each situation. It is now possible to be aware of malicious attempts to break into a building. The integration of motion sensors also makes it possible to report gunshots and broken glasses. The installation of cameras quickly informs about risky incidents.

Rapid security responses

At the mere signal, cloud-based security technologies make it possible to act remotely. Actions such as locking all entrances to the building, opening emergency exits are then available. Security personnel no longer have to travel to act, a simple click could solve a remote problem.

Better visitor management

Thanks to cloud-based intercoms, the waiting and recognition time of visitors at the entrance gates is minimal. It is now possible to install video intercoms at the entrance to buildings. The staff will only have to view, confirm and open access even if they are not in front of the entrance door.

Cloud and virtual security

All these advantages of cloud-based technologies via smartphone are not only advantages. They provide some flexibility in remote security management. But if they fall into malicious hands, the whole system is doomed. It is therefore important to restrict access to such instruments.

On the other hand, to strengthen the protection of infrastructures and data, it is necessary to invest in cybersecurity software. This software will only allow access to authorized persons. Companies can also multiply protection strategies by using passwords, updating software. Moreover, end-to-end encryption proves to be effective in protecting data. All the means are good to reduce the risks and the attacks and the steps of innovation for the cybersecurity grows day by day. On this subject, discover how the European Union has chosen to strengthen cybersecurity with the new NIS2 directive.

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