Google will continue to pay Apple to promote its search engine

The agreement is criticized because Apple, which prioritizes the privacy of its users, works with Google which does not seem to make it a priority.

It’s no secret that on all Apple products, the default search engine set to Safari is the indescribable Google. For many years, Apple has favored the American giant to the detriment of Yahoo, Bing and other DuckDuckGo.

Only here, this highlighting of Google is not the result of chance or any attraction of Apple for Alphabet. A juicy contract signed between the two parties was indeed signed a few years ago. And it will more than likely be extended for many more years.

An agreement that is strongly criticized by many parties. If it is on the one hand undermined by antitrust measures, since this agreement would be to the detriment of smaller search engines (despite the possibility of changing it), the other criticism expressed concerns what it would bring to Apple: 3% of its revenues, or between 18 and 20 billion dollars according to analysts.

The differences of opinion between Apple and Google are particularly glaring. The first makes it a point of honor that users’ privacy remains so, while the second does not seem to make it a priority at all…

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