Here is the best ham and cheese pizza according to 60 million consumers

By Gwendoline Cozette

– Published on May 04, 2022 at 07:00
– Updated on May 03, 2022 at 12:10

The magazine 60 million consumers has just revealed which is the best ham and cheese pizza in supermarkets.

Currently, the magazine 60 million consumers chain the rankings! After unveiling the best chocolate-filled biscuits, it’s the turn of the industrial pizzas to be ranked. And after the Buitoni Fraich’UP pizza scandal, we are increasingly vigilant.

How to elect the best ham and cheese pizza?

Published in a special issue “Eating healthy, good and cheap”, the study of 60 million consumers compared nine brands of ham and cheese pizzas through different criteria. The price, the Nutri-Score, the composition, the quantity of ham and cheese were thus screened. So enter Auchan, Carrefour, Picard, Intermarché, Lidl, Sodebo, Casino, E.Leclerc and Aldiwhich pizza will be the best?

The best ham and cheese pizza is…

The one from home Intermarché wins first place in the podim thanks to its Fiorini private label. Nutritionally speaking, it contains lowest ingredient rate but also the better rate of carbohydrates and salts. Add to that that she only costs 4.87 euros per kilo. Which makes it the best pizza on the market. However, nothing beats a good Italian pizza, as the survey points out.

The survey does not choose bad pizzas but specifies all the same that the most expensive (Sodebo and Picard) are also the ones with the least toppings. ” All the pizzas studied have around 40% ham and cheese, with the exception of Picard and Sodebo” says the magazine. That of Picard has only 12.4% ham. We who had so much confidence in this sign…

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