His Apple Watch cost him $40,000 at Disney World

A visitor to the famous Disney World theme park has misplaced her Apple Watch between the walls of the enclosure. She claims to have been cheated out of $40,000.

This unusual story took place during the month of April of this year. While staying at the theme park, a visitor allegedly misplaced her Apple Watch in “The Seas with Nemo” attraction. According to the report, her husband got off the carousel in an attempt to retrieve his wife’s smartwatch. A member of the park team then intervened to ask them to stay in the ride. He assured them that the smartwatch would be returned to them at their hotel.

After filing an incident report with Disney Guest Relations, the woman was informed that staff had not found her watch at the attraction.

A $40,000 theft

Like many people around the world, this person had saved his credit cards in his watch, via the Wallet function of the Apple Watch. It is thanks to this that the woman received numerous notifications announcing fraudulent movements on her account.

In total, she would have received alerts for a total amount of $ 40,000 before being able to oppose it with her bank. Currently, this is the only information we have about this unusual story. Neither the name of the victim nor the place where the money was allegedly spent are known.

The sheriff investigates

Several gray areas surround this story. Indeed, Apple Watches lock automatically as soon as they are removed from a wrist. You must then enter a code to open the watch and access Wallet.

The sheriff in charge of this case will investigate to find out if the purchases were indeed made with a stolen Apple Watch. The conclusions of the investigation should be interesting, because there is little possibility of having money stolen via your Apple Watch:

  • Either the person knew the code or guessed it,
  • Either the person had a bypass system that allowed them to “force” the Apple Watch.

Apple will have to be attentive to the conclusions of the investigation. Indeed, it could potentially have a security flaw.

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