how Apple will make you look better in selfies

The iPhone 14 series will only be released around September. And unlike Google (which has already given us a preview of the Pixel 7), Apple does not give any information before the official presentation.

However, despite all the efforts of the Cupertino company to keep its secrets, new information on the next iPhone leaks regularly. And this week, a new rumor points to an improvement that Apple could bring to selfies.

According to an article by ET News, the cost of the front camera on the iPhone 14 series would be higher than usual as Apple decided to add new features. And among these novelties, there would be an autofocus. In any case, the improvements that the Cupertino company intends to make would lead to a threefold increase in the cost of the sensor.

The same source also indicates that the Cupertino company has decided to no longer order its front sensors from the usual Chinese suppliers, and has instead opted for sensors supplied by the Korean LG Innotek. This decision would have been taken following the discovery of quality problems.

iPhone 14: a better portrait mode?

Note that autofocus is not a new technology. However, for the front camera, Apple has always done without it. But obviously, this will change on the iPhone 14 series. Autofocus will improve the quality of selfies, especially when you want the image to focus on a subject and blur the background.

The ET News article only confirms a prediction that was made by analyst Ming Chi Kuo in April. “The front camera of four new iPhone 14 models in 2H22 would probably switch to AF (autofocus) and around f/1.9 aperture (compared to FF (fixed focus) and f/2, 2 of iPhone 13)”we read in his publication.

“AF support and a lower f-number can provide a better shallow depth of field effect for selfie/portrait mode. What’s more, AF can also improve focus effect for FaceTime/video call/live broadcast”also explained the analyst.

Of course, for the moment, this information is still to be considered with caution. However, it would be completely normal for Apple to make improvements to the selfie camera of its iPhones.

There is already a DXOMark ranking of the best smartphones for taking selfies. And if the iPhone 13 series is of course among the best smartphones for this use, it is still overtaken by models like the Galaxy S21 Ultra or even the Galaxy Note 20 from Samsung.

iPhone 14 series: lots of new features for the Pro models

According to the rumors about the iPhone 14 series, it is mainly the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max that will be full of new features. As for the design, these two models would no longer have a notch and the front sensors would be positioned on a bubble and a pierced pill on the screen.

As far as photography is concerned, Apple would equip the Pro models with a 48-megapixel main sensor on the back, whereas the firm had accustomed us to 12-megapixel sensors for years. Another important novelty: on the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, we would be entitled to an 8 GB RAM memory, which would be an important development in the Apple ecosystem.

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