How technology fits into the future of food – Vaisala commentary » PACA’s economic and political letter

Environmental issues have never been so much at the heart of political and economic concerns.

As the latest IPCC report points out, the fight against global warming is an urgent global challenge. This situation requires strong action from the public authorities but also from the private sector, which must take over and be a major player in the ecological transition. In this sense, initiatives have emerged such as vertical and urban farms with tank-grown meat, from the fight against global warming to the fight against food shortages, it is a new era of food production that came. According to population growth forecasts, we will be close to 9 billion human beings in 2050. Under these conditions, how will it be possible to meet everyone’s food needs while preserving our planet’s resources? Many challenges therefore await the agricultural sector in the coming years. In this context, Vaisala, world leader in environmental and industrial measurement, supports companies in the agricultural sector to respond to its new issues and enable them to reduce their carbon footprints Vaisala also leads a very active sustainable development strategy in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using 100% renewable energy to power all of these facilities. In 2022, Vaisala joined the TOP 5 of the European ranking “Climate Leaders” carried out by the Financial Times.

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