“I took a slap!”

Another blown candle for Sylvie Tellier. This Saturday, May 28, 2022, the director of Miss France Committee turns 44. An event that she will certainly celebrate with her loved ones! If in recent years, the businesswoman has chained the projects, her family life comes first. In the city, she is the happy mother of three children: Oscar fruit of her past history with Camille Le Maux without forgetting Margaux and Roméo born of her union with Laurent.

On a daily basis, the ex-beauty queen does not like being separated from her offspring for too long. “It’s very difficult for them as it is for me,” she explained on social networks. “I need them as much as they need me. Every parting is hard […]. My two eldest are at school, the youngest in nursery. I have a nanny for school outings and my husband manages them when I’m away. And for everything else I have the grannies”. This pretty recomposed tribe fills it on all levels.

“I never imagined getting a divorce after five years…”

If her career makes her admirers dream, Sylvie Tellier has also experienced ups and downs. In 2012 after 10 years of living together with Camille Le Maux, the star cashes in their separation not without difficulty. “I never imagined getting a divorce after five years. I took a slap […] Unfortunately, like many French men and women, I come from a family of divorced parents. I thought I wouldn’t reproduce that, well I reproduced it because I got divorced myself”confided the half-sister of Delphine Tellier to Amanda Scott on France 2.

But since then, water has flowed under the bridge. With philosophy, the main interested party also added: “As in the case of my parents, I think that sometimes couples are made to live together for a long time, and then others less. But that’s not why they don’t create very beautiful things, and I have very good memories of my marriage. There you go, after we always say that it matches or it doesn’t match. That’s life “. Wise words!


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