Iberdrola will use blockchain technology for voting at its next meeting.

Iberdrola will use blockchain technology to corroborate the participation of its shareholders in the General assembly that the electricity company will hold on June 17. Thus, the company chaired by Jose Ignacio Sanchez Galan will become the Ibex 35 company to use this technology..

Thanks to this technology, any shareholder who participates in the meeting through the portal of the company. will be able to verify that their electronic vote or proxy has been correctly registered in the blockchain network.

Shareholders can make this request tofrom the time their participation is registered until one month after participation. of the same.

Blockchain technology will also make it possible, from June 8, to certify the proxies and votes of shareholders presenting themselves at service points that will be open in Madrid, Bilbao, Valladolid, San Sebastian, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Santander and Zaragoza.. Thanks to the totems installed in these places, which have already been used in previous Iberdrola meetings, shareholders will simply have to scan their identity card to gain accreditation and participate via the website.

“One of the great advantages of the blockchain is that once the data is recorded, it is impossible to modify it. In fact, the database contains the history of each transaction since the creation of the technology. The blockchain technology revolution enables smarter and more secure transactions.“, underlines Iberdrola.

It should be remembered that Iberdrola has proposed an extraordinary dividend of 0.005 euros gross per share.0.005 euro gross per share (one euro gross for 200 shares), if the general meeting approves this new incentive, which would be regulated in the articles of association, and if the quorum is reached at 70% at its next general meeting.

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