Ictyos and Eternel transform your sushi into bracelets for Apple Watch

Are you looking for a new strap for your Apple Watch? Eat sushi! In its tannery in Saint-Fons, in the suburbs of Lyon, Ictyos transforms fish skins into marine leathers. The colored scales form the straps of the new “Horizon” collection from the Toulouse brand Eternel, specialist in leather straps for Apple Watch made in France.

The Eternal bracelet in trout leather. ImageWatchGeneration.

In all the (good) sushi restaurants in France, the chefs lift the salmon fillets, separating the precious flesh from the slimy skin. Fifty thousand tons of fish skins are thus thrown away every year, except in the half-dozen Japanese restaurants that work with Ictyos. The first — and only — French marine leather tannery recovers between 20 and 50 kilograms of hides every Monday lunchtime.


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